Benefits of Starting a Business in Ireland!

  1. 01Attractive corporate tax regime
  2. 02Beneficial international relations
  3. 03Ease of doing business
  4. 04Encouraging environment for companies involved in research & development and innovation
  5. 05Strategic business location in the EU
  6. 06Skilled, young and educated labour force
  7. 07Government support and incentives
  8. 08Stable legal and political environment
  9. 09Gold International standards for Incorporated Entites and Investment Vehicles
  10. 10Alluring standard of living and welcoming to expats

Common Types of Business Structures in Ireland

Sole Trader

A business set up by a sole trader involves only one party in its business decisions and is registered with the Revenue as a self-employed person. All liabilities and tax matters will be addressed by the individual.


A partnership is composed of at least two or (in the case of a limited partnership) up to a maximum of twenty persons. Partnerships in Ireland can be general partnerships or limited partnerships. Limited Partnerships must be registered at the Companies Registration Office.


There are several types of companies that can be set up in Ireland, with the Private Limited Company (LTD) being the most common.

Timeline and procedure of Ireland company formation

December 31, 2018

Step One

Choose a business type.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Step Two

Choose your company name.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Step Three

Choose your company constitution.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Step Four

Register with the Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioners.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Step Five

Obtain a company seal.

December 31, 2018
December 31, 2018

Step Six

Apply for a bank account under the name of the business.

December 31, 2018

Company formation in Ireland: What are the requirements?

  1. 01Company Name. The company name should be registered in the Companies Registration Office (CRO).
  2. 02Constitution. All companies, except a Private Limited Company (LTD), are required to have a Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. 03Registered office. An official and registered company address is required for all companies set up in Ireland.
  4. 04Shareholders. The name, address and number of shares of a shareholder is a matter of public record at the CRO.
  5. 05Share structure. The par value of the shares must be specified in the constitution. Declaring an authorised capital is optional.
  6. 06Company directors. The shareholders would appoint at least one company director to manage the company on their behalf in the case of a LTD.
  7. 07Company secretary. The secretary fulfills the company’s statutory requirements and filings and notifies relevant authorities about important developments regarding the company.

Download our fact sheet below to know more about the requirements to form a company in Ireland.

Ireland Company Formation – Why Work with Bolder Launch?

Successfully establishing a company requires critical attention to the complexities present in the incorporation processes. Working with an experienced professional and business partner, like Bolder Launch, can streamline these responsibilities.

Bolder Launch has accommodated the successful and firm set up of businesses across various jurisdictions. Our services enable corporate and institutional clients to be aware and compliant with local customs and protocols. We keep our clients on top of the fast-growing market, enabling them to have a sound foundation for growth in their respective markets.

  1. 01Our Group has served over 10,000 clients since 1982
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Our Ireland Company Formation Services

Bolder Launch provides incorporation services for all kinds of businesses looking for expanding avenues in Ireland. We can help SMEs and multinational companies from around the world to set up and accomplish business goals in Ireland. Our extensive services include:

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Company Formation

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Relocate Staff

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A registered office address is required in setting up a company in Ireland. It should also be a physical address, as a virtual address or a PO Box is not allowed.

Yes, a residential address can be used for as long as it is in a physical location. However, it should be noted that this address will be shown on public records.

Yes. A business name can be reserved for a fee of EUR 25. However, the name should be checked for availability beforehand.

No. A representative in Ireland, like Bolder Launch, can administer the company formation process on your behalf.

Yes. Once you are registered with the Revenue Commissioners, you are then required to file your tax returns even without a profit.

Yes. Provided the requirements of at least one individual director is ordinarily resident in the European Economic Area (EEA) can set up a business in Ireland with no additional requirements.

It depends. A business licence is required for businesses that are engaged in specific types of regulated services and activities.

Some types of insurance are a legal requirement, depending on the business and the existence of an employee. For instance, businesses offering financial services are legally required to have professional indemnity insurance.

Generally, the requirements for opening a business bank account as an LTD in Ireland are proof of address, valid identifications, bank mandate form, Certificate of Incorporation and copy of Constitution, proof of registration with the Registration of Beneficial Ownership (RBO) and an opening deposit.

A general guideline in choosing a business name in Ireland is that it should be unique, inoffensive, and not suggestive of state sponsorship. It must be approved by the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Guide to Ireland Company Formation

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Company Formation in Ireland

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